Katy Mansell-Carter (she/her) is a Copywriting + Sales Coach, who helps entrepreneurs of all genders get more leads, make more sales, and reach the results they deserve.


Hello 👋 I'm Katy, the Copywriter. It's my mission is to help creative entrepreneurs like you harness the power of great copywriting to move you towards your sales goals.

You want to write top-notch copy, kill your sales, and send your confidence stratospheric - all at once? Sure thing, chicken wing. I’ll set you up with the tools, tips and motivation you need to get your customers excited to buy from you again and again (…and again).

If you’ve ever said “Eww, I hate sales,” then you’re super normal. Cold emails, pitch decks, creating the right packages, or putting up your rates… it gets overwhelming AF, let’s be honest.

But here’s the thing; When you’re ridin’ solo in business, your income is down to you. The good news is, you don’t have to go it alone.

Working with folks of all genders is my jam, and you won’t find any icky, binary terms in my Insta feed (girlboss, SheEO and mom’preneur are on my list of banned words FYI) If you dig inclusive, gender-neutral copy that’s empowering AF and rakes in the cash, then let’s talk.

Watching live comedy, cooking up a vegan storm and browsing camping equipment are where you’ll find me when I’m not working. I will never EVER turn down pizza, and I’m also sober, so if we meet IRL, let’s make it a coffee or a kombucha pls ✌️

Ready to start getting more leads, making more sales, and banking more dollar?