Katy the Copywriter


Katy Mansell-Carter (she/her) is a content marketing, sales copy and personal branding expert, who specializes in working with women and non-binary folks.


Hello 👋 I'm Katy, the Copywriter. It's my mission is to help entrepreneurs like you get more leads and make more sales through the magic of words.

I write top-notch sales copy and strategic content that gets your customers excited to buy from you again and again (…and again). PLUS, I can show you how to get better results in the long-run by coaching you to write more effectively, too.

Working with women and non-binary folks is my jam, but so long as your mindset isn’t stuck in the eighties, we should get along just fine.

You won’t find any icky gendered terms in my portfolio (girlboss, SheEO and mom’preneur are on my list of banned words) but if you’re looking for inclusive, gender-neutral copy that’s still empowering AF, then I’m your person.

Live comedy, vegan cooking and camping equipment are my main enthusiasms outside of writing, and I will never ever turn down pizza. I’m also sober, so if we meet IRL, let’s make it a coffee or a kombucha.


My story

With an eight-year professional marketing career in my back pocket, I've previously been the driving force behind successful sales and branding campaigns spanning music festivals and brunch cafes, to membership organisations and SaaS.

But in February 2018, I quit my dream job, to follow the love of my life to Toronto, Canada. Getting a fresh start in a new city, surrounded by a thriving startup culture, inspired me to take a leap I'd always dreamed of and so I decided to strike out on my own and create a life on my own terms.

Now my client list reads like a who's who of up-and-coming entrepreneurs. My clients love working with me because I listen. I blend my humour, energy, industry-spanning knowledge and experience and my ability to get stuck in and do the work.

Deep understanding of your customers' fears and desires, and of your unique strengths as a business owner, forms the core of my consulting and copywriting methods.

If you need sales copy that works as hard as you do, then let's talk. 

Book a Shiny Disco Call (it’s like a discovery call, but better) with me now, and we’ll start busting through that copywriting block together.

Or get a feel for my style on Instagram, or read my words and check out the actionable tips I share via my blog.