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Katy the copywriter find your voice program

Welcome to Find Your Voice Copywriting + Sales Coaching Program.

I created my signature program to transform overwhelmed entrepreneurs like you into the master copywriter and sales champ you were born to be!

The purpose of the program is to help you harness your authentic voice and show you how to trust it, use it, and apply it to your business.

Because, when you know that everything you put out there - from emails to invoices, from your website to your content posts - when you truly know that your copy is authentic AF, crystal clear, and packed with kindness and value - when you know all that… the sales part becomes effortless.

I’m SO EXCITED that you’re ready to jump in and join me in the Find Your Voice Program today.

I mean, isn’t it about time you got the leads, sales, and results you deserve?

Let me show you what our next few months together will look like…

*Private coaching start dates are dependent on availability at time of application.

Program Structure.

FVY_Week1_CopyBasics (1).png

You’ll be fast-tracked to copywriting pro status. I’ll meet you where you’re at, and bring you up to speed with the basics of great copywriting!

We’ll set your goals for the next 90-days and plan your strategy to get you there.


Find out exactly what makes your ideal customers tick - and what language you should be speaking in your copy in order to resonate with them.

You’ll create a detailed client profile, and uncover the motivations, inspirations, and objections of your dream customer.


Learn and implement my 7 core values for ethical sales copy in your strategy.

We’ll get clear on where the best opportunities for inclusive copy lie within your business, and I’ll equip you with the resources you need to stay on track.


Clients who know where they stand are happy clients. Business owners who know where their boundaries lie are able to run sustainable businesses. We’ll tackle both so that you can pack value and authority in equal measure as

You’ll create a personality-packed “about” page and a welcome page / email series so you can welcome new clients with clarity and kindness.


You’ll define your packages, pricing structure and value proposition. We’ll uncover the value in your signature package, and communicate the benefits at every level.

You’ll create a wicked-valuable packages page, and will get access to a whole suite of non-scary pricing and profitability tools too - wherever you’re at right now. You’ll create a series of mini “elevator pitches” for each of your packages, and learn to communicate your offer with ease.


You’ll take control of your customer journey. We’ll get crystal clear on your sales process, and define what happens at every touch-point.

You’ll schedule an automated email series and create canned emails and/or scripts to effortlessly guide your on-boarding process.


Create magnetic content to attract your dream clients. We’ll create a content plan and structure your blog posts and social media posts for maximum action.

You’ll create a recipe for killer content in your business, and we’ll schedule a whole month’s worth in a matter of hours. Yep, really.

I’ll equip you with a toolbox of techniques and structures to create effective blog posts and captions - at the speed of light. (Bye, blank page syndrome)


We’ll optimise your website to become a Lead Generating Machine! We’ll focus on turning traffic into prospects, and take a detailed review of your website copy, tweaking every lil’ corner for maximum conversions.

You’ll create an opt-in offer and/or free download for your business using proven templates, so you can start growing your list of prospects with the right people.


Maximise your conversions, without feeling squirmy. We’ll train you to effortlessly handle objections in your copy (before they even crop up) and you’ll learn my six secrets to persuasive copy - without the pressure.

You’ll create a phrase bank you can count on both on and offline. PLUS, we’ll have lots of role-play fun this week!


Make it rain renewals and referrals in your business. You’ll learn how to leverage your existing clients for epic referrals, AND help your favourite clients to renew.

You’ll learn a “works every time” process for gathering awesome testimonials, and get your inbox LIT with folks excited to pay you for your awesomeness again and again 🔥


The best copywriters (and most innovative business owners) are the ones who always ask “How can we make this better?”

I’ll give you a fun and hands-on introduction to how to test and optimise your sales copy. We’ll make the data fun, I promise!

FVY_Week12_Implement (1).png

I’ll set you up with a tailored monthly rolling strategy, to keep you on track with creating content, optimising copy, and making sales on an ongoing basis.

You’ll also create your own “good enough to go” checklist, so that you can stave off perfectionism, and focus on action and feedback with positivity and confidence.


Ready to start writing epic copy for your business?

You know it’s time that you stopped missing out on the leads, sales and results you deserve.

I’m SO STOKED that you’re ready to make this happen for yourself - let’s get started!

The Find Your Voice Private Program includes:

1. Clarity Questionnaire

2. Twelve x 60 Minute Copywriting + Sales Coaching Sessions

3. Weekly Challenges to keep you on track

4. Weekly Copy Critique service to get you feedback, fast

5. Email Access to Katy between sessions

6. Lifetime Access to Members Only Facebook Community


In your weekly Private Copywriting and Sales Coaching session with me, we'll work through what's specifically tripping you up, and tackle any blocks you’re experiencing.

This is a great fit for you if you have specific sales goals, and are highly committed to learning techniques and strategies to grow your business in a big way.

I'll tailor the content to you, your business, your customers and your personality / learning style.