Get the sales you deserve ⚡

Thank you for coming!

Thank you for coming to the Spring 2019 Anti-Hustle Business Retreat.

I’m so grateful that we got to spend this time together, taking care of your mind, body, soul and business.

Katy x

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1. Share Your Feedback 

Your feedback is super important to me, and I'd really love to capture your experience whilst it's all fresh and fuzzy still.  (Ideally within the next 24 hours) 

This will help me to support you moving forward and improve future experiences, whilst also helping others discover value in my retreats!

Thank you in advance xoxo

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2. Stay Accountable

Some of you have already shared your calendars with me with your daily and weekly non-negotiables - yay!

Don't forget to get these in your paper or digital diary by 5pm on Monday March 4th.

Our Facebook group will now be shifted to an accountability group - JOIN NOW so you can be held accountable on an ongoing basis. 

 3. Appreciate Becca

Isn't she amazing? Becca treated us to an amazing and healing Sound Bath experience on Saturday evening and captured so many candid moments over the weekend. Thank you, Becca.

If you want to set up a shoot with Becca (personal branding, boudoir, etc) feel free to contact Becca here:

You should also totally check out her website here for all things Thai Massage, Sound Bath and Healing deliciousness:

4. And Keidi, too

We’re so grateful to Keidi for connecting us through a beautiful opening Goddess Circle on Friday.

Thank you Keidi. To connect with Keidi, hit her up on Instagram here,  (We also ate your cake #sorrybutwehadto)

 4. Access Your Resources 

They're all in our new shared Google Folder right here.

Your Hot Seat audio file is also included in this folder.

If you want to create a transcript, I recommend using Temi for 10c / min - a few dollars and ready in minutes (hot tip - this is also a game-changer for blog writing.)

5. Next Steps

The next retreat dates will be 7-9 June 2019 - Location tbc and details announced soon - in the meantime - mark your diary! 

You’ll also receive some calendar invites from me for some virtual and IRL meetups on April 1st (Karla’s birthday!), May 1st, and, of course, June 1st. Look out for these in your inbox.

Thank you again for the best weekend ever!

Katy xx

PS. I totally got bundled in bed this morning… and here’s the evidence!

PPS. Don’t forget to fill out the feedback form ASAP - thank you so much in advance ⚡